All About Trolls The Experience in NYC

What do you do with kids in New York City when it's raining or a heat advisory is in effect? 

Step inside the world of DreamWorks Trolls of course. Come sing, dance and hug at the all-new interactive experience.

Presented by Feld Entertainment The Trolls Experience, is essentially a colorful, dance party where families can meet Princess Poppy and much more. The experience is designed to take an hour and is conveniently located just above Times Square on 57th Street.

Tickets start at just $24 and unlike going to the movies or seeing a show, this experience allows kids to be kids, as well as interact and play too.

All About Trolls The Experience in New York City #trollstheexperience

Go VIP with a Trolls Makeover

My favorite part was getting troll-ified. You have the option for ordering the Hair We Go VIP ticket package, where you'll get your own Trolls wig or mohawk and have "Glitter Gurus" help you primp, polish and glow for the party with full face paint.

With boys, I don't often get to do such makeover activities, so I was totally all over this. After all, no troll left behind! I'd like to think I earned some extra parent points for playing along too.

If you purchase the General Admission ticket instead, your child will receive a paper hair hat so they can still look the part and some face paint and tattoos as well.

Boogie Down at the Trolls Dance Party

One of the stops on the multi-floor experience allows guests to put on a pair of 3D glasses and dance away with their favorite cartoon characters to heart-pumping music from the movie, complete with laser lights and a disco ball. This was probably my second favorite part of the experience, my boys too.

Benny loved the dance portion

Treasure Hunt and Scrapbooking Fun 

Along the way, guests receive charms and stickers after each activity and are given a bag to put them in for their scrapbook at the end.

The after-party portion allows families to snap post-party pics to print out and send to their phone or email address. Next up, kids get to create their scrapbook of the Best Day Ever. Don't worry though if you miss one or two like we did as the staff provided the stickers we missed so we could complete our pages. My boys continued to color in their pages during dinner after, which kept the occupied as we waited on our meals.

Meet Princess Poppy

Finally, you'll meet and pose with Poppy too!

Disclaimer: I received complimentary tickets in exchange for my honest review.

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