I'm now an Independent Color Street Stylist

I'm excited to announce that I'm now a Color Street Independent Stylist!!👏

I swear I've always avoided affiliate sales, but I really am a fan of their nail strips that it only made sense. I've turned down so many other offers over the years because I just didn't feel passionate enough about the product.

After personally trying Color Street nail sets though, I quickly became obsessed!💅 I never would color my nails because of the expense and time of a manicure. Plus, I'd chip the paint within a day. Now, I apply these myself and they can last up to 14 days and I get sooo many compliments.

I tried gel, but that was also costly and left my real nails ruined and weak. Now, my nails have grown longer by wearing them. I even use the remaining strips in the set for my big toes as a statement color pedicure too. So fun!

I love that I can easily change out my look with the seasons and holidays too.

What are nail polish strips? And why do they rock?

  • 100% real nail polish, not stickers. 
  • Nail polish formula, with a base coat, color, and top coat all in one. 
  • Easy, one-step application for a brilliant, salon quality manicure in minutes. 
  • No heat or tools required to apply.
  • No dry time, smudges, or streaks. 
  • Chip-resistant, long-lasting color – up to 14 days! 
  • Less money than a manicure and faster too. 
  • Take off easily with nail polish remover. 
  • Doesn’t leave your nails weak once removed like other products. 
  • Comes with extra strips in case you need to re-do a finger. 
  • Big selection of solids, patterns, glitter (my fave) and French manicure strips. 
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Color Street Nail Strips after 11 days and still going strong - Tokyo Lights

Have you tried them? Here's how easy it is to apply:

My Favorite Styles:

Check it out 👉 TaraMetBlog Color Street Independent Stylist page 

Why You Need To Use Color Street Nail Strips


  1. i have not tried them, but whoa. :) maybe i need to! haha.

    1. Try it once and you'll be hooked, at least that's what happened to me :)


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