10 Year Blogaversary!

This month, this year, When Tara Met Blog turned 10-years-old.

Est. in October 2004, I have been blogging for a decade!

That's longer than my marriage, careers or any other accomplishment that I've had. Older than my boys ages combined.

I guess it's not a fad after all ;) booyah skeptics

When I tell people I have a blog, I'll often get asked about how I got started. I definitely didn't expect that I'd still be blogging 10 years later that's for sure. There is also the misconceived notion that I was out for free stuff, but back then people were hardly even aware of blogs and there wasn't the swag or attention that I get now.

I actually started it as dare/project from my graduate professor at NYU J-School who encouraged his class to start "weblogging" to develop our voices and to take part in the new technology. He saw it as the future and 10 years later I think in many ways we can say he was right.  My fellow classmates chose meaty topics for their blogs ranging from politics to some guy saying his was going to be about "different schools of thought," which still sounds vague and pompous to me. When they saw my pink colored blog where I wrote about bad dates, resolutions, office crushes and riding on the subway with Lucky Charms, I received a lot of eye rolls to say the least. Yet, what made mine work and why theirs didn't is that I was having fun with it and I was developing my personal voice. I would get home from work and I couldn't wait to write a new entry. I miss those eager days of sharing into the void with Manhattan as my muse.

My blog started out on Tripod with a long URL and looked terrible with a rotating banner and often broken images. This was before fancy plugins I did most of the CSS coding and graphic design too, which made it all look very childish. Check out my blog from 2005 via the Wayback Machine.
Did you know my blog was even included in a Japanese book about blogging? Its also been mentioned in The New York Times and LA Times, but my first review I ever received was in The Weblog Review, which read: "easy, light, and a refreshing voice in the over populated blogging world... my guess is Tara will have a long list of loyal readers." I still get excited reading that :)

However, there were many times I thought about not blogging, but after a decade it's become a part of who I am.

For 10 years, I have shared stories about being single, finding the love of my life, moving across the country and then back again, my PR career changes and challenges and now motherhood. Thanks for coming along for the ride!

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