The company I keep

  • I had the pleasure of actually knowing my great, great, grandmother, who passed away on my 10th birthday during a lunar eclipse. She was 97 years old.
  • The above grandmother marched in the women's right to vote protest of 1919. She left a note for her husband that read, "gone shopping" and came back three days later.
  • My mom's dad hitchhiked across the country with Janis Joplin and was the person who did her light shows during her concerts, as well as sold pot to UC Berkley students. He died of a brain tumor before I was born.
  • My great uncle Sabato (Saturday) Settembre married a woman from another city in Italy who's name was Domenica, thus making them Saturday and Sunday September in English. I was the flower girl for their youngest daughter's wedding, she did not have a calendar-related name.
  • My mom almost named me April May Settembre, citing that April was her favorite name, my dad said it sounds like a stripper and begged her not to, but she still laments that my last name ruined her plans for naming me.
  • My dad was born in Italy and came to this country when he was a young child. He had a "Made In Italy" tattoo on his ass, not unlike the scribbles found on the fabric butts of Cabbage Patch dolls.
  • I also have a tattoo on the same cheek, a different saying though. Reason for my tatoo was in honor of my dad who was suppose to put this particular saying on his other cheek, but passed away before he had the chance.
  • My dad owned his first pizza place at age 19
  • My mom used to dance at Studio 54 and was once asked out on a date by Richard Gere, post American Gigilo, pre Officer and a Gentleman.
  • Although my sister and I had the same parents, we received the opposite physical traits. She had black hair, I had blonde, she was tall, I wasn't, she was dark skinned, I was light, brown eyes, blue eyes. What a pair we would have made if she had only lived past three-years-old.
  • My mother felt something was going to happen to my sister when she was born. Two hours before she was hit and killed by a car at age 3, my mom said to my Dad, what would we do if Serina dies and started crying.
  • Years before it actually happened, I had a dream regarding my father's death and how I'd find out about the news. When I was 17, I found out about his death in the EXACT same way as my dream (at school). When it happened in real life, it was like I was sleep walking.
  • Sometimes I fear that I made it happen by dreaming it.
  • He passed away the same year as my husband's mom did, so we were both hurting and mourning the loss of a parent at the same time.
  • I met my husband on the subway platform on the E train at 51st street in NYC, I had just gone on a bad date with someone else.
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