Is my new home haunted?

Before we moved in to our new home in Florida, we had the exterior power washed and re-painted. So, my mom's husband Ken kindly took a photo of the house with his cell phone and texted it to me and my mom.

While my mom was busy commenting on how nice the paint looked, I focused on the big center window upstairs and let out a little squeal and cringed. It looked like a family of four in ghostly form, posing for the pic! After I pointed it out to my mom, she started freaking out too.

Take a look and tell me what you see:
Raphael meanwhile just laughed at us and Ken confirmed there was no one else in the house, which made it all the more creepier though. They then suggested it was just a reflection of the clouds, but the silhouette eerily looks like a family unit to me and why aren't there more cloud formations showing in the other windows? The house meanwhile is only eight-years-old, so unlikely it's haunted. However, it felt like the start of every paranormal film, where people in the house deny sightings, saying thinking they are being silly and then ...


  1. OMG! I didn't see it at first but wow, creepy! Nice house by the way!

  2. Oh yeah, I totally see it. I'm sure they're just excited to meet you. ;)

  3. Just cloud reflections, but very shocking at first.
    Tara's mom - Audrey

  4. This is too funny. I totally see a family there!