We Found Our Family Car at the NY Auto Show

Mark your calendars - The New York International Auto Show will be in town April 18 - April 27. This year, I'll be attending a Girls Night Out party on Opening Night as a guest of She Buys Cars, and sponsors Toyota and Dr. Oz Magazine. Can't wait!

I am by no means knowledgeable about cars, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying and going to the auto show. The first time I ever attended was while on a date with Raphael back in '06, but have been several times since. I usually take photos in the different hot cars, stroll around and see what's new, but last year we went with a purpose ... to shop for a new SUV that could accommodate our infant twins. And what better place to do that then at the NY Auto Show, which is like a shopping mall for cars with no pressure to buy either. You can also look at the cars online on sites like KBB, Edmunds, to Find The Best Car Price, but the Auto Show is lots of fun to car watch.

We went into the exhibit hall with a list of third-row vehicles that we wanted to look at in our price range. With two infant car seats installed in the backseat and mom and dad in the front, there was never room for grandma or any other passengers in our previous Lexus RX, which we loved. However, we really needed that third row and we weren't ready to take the minivan plunge either.

We spoke with the different knowledgeable reps about MSRP, MPG, GPS, but most of all we liked that we could actually see the vehicles up-close, sit in the front seat, checkout the trunk space, etc. It was during one of these impromptu vehicle tours that we discovered that we needed backseat bucket seats, which then eliminated some of the SUVs on our original list. With bucket seats we could keep the boys' car seats in place and still access the third row, instead of having to remove them every time to fold down the seats and allow passengers into the back. Having to remove and re-install car seats is my nightmare, so this was a great discovery.

Thanks to the show, we walked away with a brochure for our next vehicle and a contact at our local dealership. We went with the Toyota Highlander Limited all-wheel drive with bucket seats! We liked that it's in the same family as Lexus. Plus, with its third row, you could have one seat up or the whole bench. And with one seat up, we could still fit a stroller too, giving us a lot more options. Plus, we have no room for boring ;)


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