New Toy Preview: The Happy's

During a media breakfast in conjunction with the New York Toy Fair, I got a sneak peek of the newest line from Cepia, the makers of Zhu Zhu Pets.

Meet The Happy’s, the amazingly adorable interactive motorized plush pets. The Happy’s are the only line of interactive puppy and kitty special feature plush pets that play, can be trained to perform tricks and make 25+ silly sounds. Hold the included Happy’s treat and they’ll come running. Each treat prompts your pet to perform a different trick like beg, pounce, follow, chase tail or spin. Their is also a ball accessory that the toys will chase and follow too. Take a look at the Vine I captured from the preview:

During the preview The Happy's kept coming up to my feet like real pets, it was cute. They are also super soft feeling, more so than I thought they'd be. Best of all, the line includes cats for a change and not just puppy pets. I also can't help, but think my cats would like this toy too, not just my twins.

The Happy’s pets, playsets, and accessories range in price from $5.99-$24.99, boys and girls ages 4+. The Happy's hits shelves this Easter.


  1. I know my niece would love to have one of these, thank you for this review.

  2. How adorable are these? My grandchildren would have a blast playing with them...that is if we could keep the puppy from attacking it first!