Amoda Tea Box Subscription

I love/am addicted to monthly subscription boxes already (Graze, PopSugar and Citrus Lane), so when I heard about the Amoda Tea monthly tea tasting box delivered to your door, I couldn't type fast enough to sign-up.

Amoda searches for premium tea importers and artisan tea blenders from around the globe. Their tea tasters try each one and select the three most outstanding of the bunch to be included in each month's Tasting Box. You receive 3 different teas in each box, enough to make 5-7 cups of each. There might be a monthly theme, but there will always be a great variety to help you better explore the world of tea. You also get a steeping guide, tasting notes and stories that make each tea and its blender special.

Best of all, it's reasonably priced at only $12/month, including shipping! However, I have a special reader coupon for $6 off - half price- your first month. Coupon code: teawithtara valid for one week only. You can cancel anytime too. The cutoff for March's tea box is actually tomorrow, Feb. 25th, otherwise you have to wait to receive the April box.

Here is Amoda Tea's February's Box featuring Verdant Tea blends:
I especially liked the Master Han's 2013 Sheng Pu-er tea, which can be steeped several times. Unlike other Pu-er's this one was much smoother. I also liked the included story about how the Verdant owners bought a brick of tea on their wedding day and drink a cup every year on their anniversary, so sweet and perfect for a Valentine's themed box.

Right now they do not have the option to customize what kind of teas you'd like to recieve, but they said they might build up to that. Personally, I'd love a Green Tea or Oolong-only option with fun flavors. For now, they try to find three different teas that are a wide variety. There's always a caffeine free tea in the box though. You have to like flavored teas though! Finding the best all-natural flavored, scented or blended teas is their specialty.

Disclosure: While I received my first box free in exchange for my honest review, I am continuing the subscription plan at my own expense. :)


  1. Wow there are subscription boxes for everything these days! This would definitely help me explore new teas.