Dohm Sound Conditioner for Baby

Over the holidays, we ventured to El Paso, Texas with the boys to visit family for a week. With the time change and new setting, I was worried about ruining the boys sleep schedule that we've worked so hard to maintain. Luckily, I had received for review a Marpac Dohm Serious Sleep Sound Machine with a soothing white noise. It's lightweight so perfect for travel. We just packed it with our luggage and plugged it into the wall in their room at night. It worked like a charm to block out all our holiday cheer so the babies were able to sleep soundly like they do at home.

Originally, as part of their daily bedtime routine we were using a sleep sheep device that made heartbeat noises to soothe the babies to sleep. However, although it would help them fall asleep, the beating sounds would turn off at a set amount of time and it wouldn't block out other noises throughout the night either.

The Dohm creates a natural white noise to help babies fall and stay asleep, allowing the rest of the family to rest easier and/or carry on with normal household activities. The Dohm’s sound is seamless and continuous because it uses electromechanical technology to create the natural sound of rushing air, unlike other white noise machines that work on a digital loop and cut off after a set period of time.

Here's how it works: Plug it In, Turn it On, Block Everything Out. We now turn on the Dohm sound machine during their naps and EVERY night. Best of all, now we don't have to tip toe around as much.

The Dohm's not just for nurseries though, here are some other uses: covers office chatter, helps travelers feel at home, masks snoring (I might need one in my room too!), creates a sound study zone, blocks loud distractions, helps relieve tinnitus and aids sleep at any time.

Right now, Marpac Dohm is on sale at Zulily too! You can follow Marpac on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest for the latest news and updates.

Disclaimer: I received a product sample for review and compensation for my honest review in association with the Mom It Forward Blogger Network.


  1. I wasn't aware of such a product useful for babies. I like the idea of all children getting the proper sound and amount of sleep they need to stay healthy and to grow stronger each day. I could use this machine is my room at night to block the sound of traffic noise during the night.

  2. I simply adore this device that aids in the comfort of a baby. Everyone should have one!

  3. This is a great product. I wish I had it when my children were babies! I'll just have to save one for my grandbabies...

  4. This is great knowing that it soothes and comforts the baby. I wish it was around when mine were born!

  5. We need this for our Son