Twins Baptism & Christening Party

In August, at 8-months-old, I guess you can say I was fashionably late with baptizing the boys. I'm glad though that I was able to wait till it was warmer and have a beautiful outdoor summer party to celebrate their special day.
After the ceremony we hosted a small party at our home. Although it was small, I still enjoyed planning and decorating for it. I used the boys blue and green colors that we use to identify their stuff as the theme for the party. I made lime and teal hanging tissue paper pom poms for decoration, which looked really pretty floating outside from our porch. I sprinkled over the tables the leftover tissue paper scraps and cutouts from the project for added design.
I also made Rubber Ducky Centerpieces, by simply filling fish bowls with water, adding a few drops of blue food coloring and then dropped in a little rubber ducky. Adorable, no? Perfect for a baby shower or a first birthday party too.
For dessert, I picked up a cake from Stew Leonard's and had them personalize it with the following joint message for the boys in frosting - "God Bless Ben & Logan!"

As a refreshing beverage for the adults, I made a spiked lemonade (fresh lemons, mint, lemon seltzer, Ketel One Citron and Newman's Own lemonade) and was finally able to use this beverage dispenser that I bought last year via One Kings Lane. I also used a fun plastic picture frame as a drink menu sign.
I even dressed up my nails with a matching Impress Press-On Manicure too.

Update: My party was just awarded a Best Decoration badge from 

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  1. They look cute... The decorations are nice and well organized...