SheStreams - Kid President Inspires Socktober

Every voice matters (even yours)" 

As of this week, I've been blogging here for 9 years! Who knew "weblogs" would still even exist this many years later, not to mention mine. Anyway, in that time I've attended a lot of blogging conferences and heard a lot of speakers at said conferences talking about protecting your brand, using social media, blah, blah. However, in all that time in all those speeches, the other day at the sold-out SheStreams conference I heard the best and most inspiring speaker yet.

Keynote speaker Brad Montague, Creator and Brother-in-Law of Kid President was that person. If you're not familiar with Kid President, he's had several humorous and inspiring viral videos. Their mission is to create positive content that people not only watch, but take action. They've become so popular that the 9-year-old kid star has met the real President and tons of celebrities. It was interesting to hear how their success has spiraled and taken off, but what I liked hearing the most was their positive mission, which reminded me about why I started blogging in the first place.

Although, at times this blog can be totally selfish, I do try to publish give-back posts at least once-a-month if not more on simple ways to help charities without being too depressing or didactic. In the "about" section of my blog I also state that I don't publish negative reviews as I choose to share the things I like and not write about the things that I don't. After all, it's my blog. Anyway, during his speech, Brad said the quote at the top to kick things off. He also said: "The things we post online can change someone's day." He reminded us that real people are reading what we write and then asked us "what do you want to say?" Another quote I scribbled down on the notepad in front of me was "It's everybody's duty to give the world a reason to dance." This definitely got me jazzed up to blog some happy and powerful stuff ASAP.

So, with this in mind, here is Kid President's latest call to action Socktober!

In support of this program, SheStreams attendees were encouraged to bring in new pairs of socks for donation to a local homeless shelter. I donated some fun Halloween socks, so if you see a homeless person in NYC wearing fluorescent pumpkin socks, don't think that person is mentally ill as I apologize for it was my doing.

This video and Brad's message made me wonder about Eddie the shoe shining homeless man in downtown Los Angeles and how he is doing. I hope he's OK. The tale of Eddie the shoe shining homeless man


  1. Wow, I love this kid president and saw his latest viral video on EyeOpener this morning. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow, 9 years!
    Do you have an editor this time?!? :)
    Bet your newsletter experience helped! How long did you do the newsletter?

  3. Hey Dave,

    Nope all grown-up and editor free these days, lol. The newsletter definitely inspired me to be a journalist and try blogging early-on too. I had the newsletter for 11 years through 1 year of middle school, high-school, college and then some. Crazy! :)