Relaxation & Rejuvenation Event at Dermalogica with 2B Drinks

Recently, I was able to attend Trumpeting Media's 2nd annual Relaxation and Rejuvenation event - #TMRR2. I was especially excited to see that it was being held at Dermalogica Academy, the makers of my favorite skincare line. I've blogged a few times about their fabulous MicroZone Treatments here and for Huffington Post

During the party we were all treated to a 20 minute MicroZone Treatment, which I usually have done once a quarter, but with the babies I hadn't been since I was preggers. Thus, it was much needed. Here I am below during the ministrations of a Dermalogica skin therapist. Afterwards, everyone kept telling me that my face was glowing and asked if I had put my makeup back on, which I didn't. Needless to say, I was very pleased :)

I also previewed Dermalogica's newly launched Clear Start line, perfect for your tweens’ and teens’ young and developing skin. It is a system of eight serious products that deliver real results for breakouts! Apparently, it was inspired by founder Jane Wurwand’s own daughters.

2B Drinks was there too sampling their 20-calorie, all-natural, aloe infused beverages that deliver 100% of your daily Vitamin C in every bottle. As a result, 2B Drinks passed the NYC Dept of Ed’s strict guidelines for sales in NYC public schools.

My husband and I have been very conscience lately about the sugars that we drink. We've been looking at the labels more closely when purchasing certain drinks. We are drinking 2B now at home though. I especially like their coconut passion and lemonade flavors.

To illustrate the difference between the amount of sugar that's in a 2B drink and these other popular beverages, just take a look at how many sugar packets are next to each bottle:
Doesn't it make you think twice about what you sip?

Oh, and too funny....while browsing 2B Drinks website on where you can purchase 2B in Westchester County, I come across my Uncle Tony's restaurant (and my dad's former restaurant when I was growing up) Gaetano's Grill in Croton-on-Hudson carries it too. Sweet, I know what to order the next time I go and visit!

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  1. Thanks for joining us! I loved the Demalogica and 2B products.