Keurig Brew Over Ice Giveaway & Review

I'm excited to share that I finally got a Keurig coffee machine for our basement bar and guest area. Up until this point there wasn't a coffee machine at all in our home since neither Raphael and I drink coffee. It's the perfect solution, because now at least when guests are staying with us they can easily make themselves a cup of coffee without running out to the local Dunkin Donuts. Plus, they don't have to waste a whole pot of coffee either thanks to the single-cups. My poor mom could have used this machine sooner when she came to help me with the twins last year during their first week home from the hospital. Sorry mom.

Anyway, I've actually been using the Keurig machine to make iced tea and drinks too. It's sooo refreshing and easy to do. It's also helped me to drink more throughout the day as I often forget to hydrate. It's the perfect break and treat for myself too as it only takes a few minutes to do.

My favorites Brew Over Ice K-Cups are the Green Mountain Naturals Lemonade, Celestial Seasonings Half and Half (Arnold Palmer) and Southern Sweet Tea. They also have flavors from Snapple and iced coffee options too.

  • 3 Brew Over Ice K-Cup® samples
  • 1 Brew Over Ice tumbler (super cute!)
  • 4 Brew Over Ice coasters
  • 1 Brew Over Ice light-up ice bucket with ice tongs
Total value = $26!

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Brew Over Ice
Disclaimer: To conduct my review I received the above gift pack, plus 2 boxes of K-cups. 


  1. I have never had one but I would love to try the french vanilla

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  3. I've never had one either and vanilla anything is usually my favorite.

  4. i want to try the peach sweet tea
    susansmoaks at gmail dot com
    tony l smoaks on rafflecopter

  5. I'd love to make the Snapple Peach Iced Tea

  6. I love the Half an Half

  7. The Snapple peach iced tea.
    Thanks for the chance.

  8. My favorite is the Snapple Raspberry Ice Tea.

  9. I like the peach snapple. Want to try the vitamin one!

  10. Nutty Hazelnut Iced Coffee

  11. I love their Hot Chocolate.
    Laurie Emerson
    lauraemerson17 at yahoo dot com

  12. Yum, so many options. Sometimes, I forget that the Keurig machine can be used to make iced tea too. That option makes it great to have around the house year round, not just for coffee drinkers but for anybody. For example, people who enjoy a cool drink after work.