Dr. Stork's Simple Health Tips

While at BlogHer 13 in Chicago I had the opportunity to do a one-on-one interview with Dr. Travis Stork, ER physician and host of The Doctors. Stork was also the bachelor during season 8 of The Bachelor. 

Since Dr. Stork is passionate about simple ways to maintain good health, he has partnered with one of this year's BlogHer sponsors Simply Saline by Arm and Hammer to share a drug-free way to flush out nasal congestion.

Personally, I love using Simply Saline when I'm sick or if my nose is dry, I also use their baby nasal relief on my boys when their lil noses are crusty too.

Anywho, I had the pleasure of interviewing the very tall and handsome Dr. Stork at the Simply Saline booth. He shared the following simple, yet impactful tips that you can do to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

He called these easy tips as The Four S's:

  • Stand More, Sit Less 
  • Watch Sugar Intake 
  • Look to Reduce Stress 
  • Sleep Sufficiently
I've actually been working to stand more myself and be more active. My husband and I wear Nike+ bands that encourage us to get up and move more too. I've also been better about sugar and now working from home is less stressful. However, as a new mom sleep is another issue. The boys actually are in bed by 9:30 p.m., but then I jump online to finally blog and do my work when I really should head to bed too. I'll work on it Dr. Stork!

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