Backstage with Cyndi Lauper

Last week, I had the pleasure of seeing Cyndi Lauper again in concert at The Capitol Theater in Port Chester, NY.

The first time I saw her perform was 10 years ago when she was 50 and I was blown away by the show.  Sure, I knew her popular songs like Girls Just Want to Have Fun, Time After Time and True Colors, but it was this concert that turned me into a real "Cynner" and listening to all of her CDs. It wasn't just seeing her live, I was impressed by her energy and talent, she would hold notes for incredibly long times, she bop all over the stage, go out into the crowd, play instruments and she even climbed on top of one of her speakers. It was a great time. 

I was afraid that now, 10 years later and at 60-years-old, she might not be as fun, but she is still rocking it! She came out swinging too starting it off singing Money Changes Everything and Girls Just Want to Have Fun (you'd think she'd hold that for the encore or finale).

The best thing about Cyndi is that she doesn't need crazy acrobats or dancers like Madonna does on stage or amazing special effects, it's just her and her band pouring their hearts out into each song. She also really interacts with the audience by walking out into the crowd, climbing up on seats and sharing stories about her career throughout the show. It's really engaging and more down to earth.

My husband came with me and I was so happy to see that just like me, he got dragged in to her performance too and is now a fan of hers as well.

Lucky me, my family is friends with Cyndi Lauper's tour manager who was able to get us both backstage access. It was only a quick meet and greet, but it was still very cool. Oh, and yay she's like my height! Here we all are:

Take a listen to her song Who Let in the Rain it has some of my favorite lyrics.

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