Baby Brezza Baby Food Maker Review

Baby Brezza Baby Food Maker Review

My adventures making homemade baby food continues. Since my last post, I've cooked and froze sweet potatoes and squash for the boys and it was super easy thanks to the one step Baby Brezza Prima Baby Food Maker from Williams-Sonoma. I'm in love with it! I feel like a super mom now making my own baby food, I never thought I could.

Baby Brezza Review

Unlike the other kinds of machines out there, this one is a one-step baby food maker. You just fill the steamer, put your ingredients in the 4-cup plastic bowl, choose from a preset time setting or set your own and walk away because it will then steam and blend it all for you. Like a slow cooker, just set it and forget it! It's so easy and the purees comes out a lot smoother making a perfectly cooked and blended meal ready for feeding your child in a half-hour or less. The preset dial for a lot of the main baby foods from string beans to carrots make it even easier since you don't have to calculate cooking times or find a recipe, it does it all for you.

Take a look:

The Baby Brezza makes cooking baby food  fun, I seriously look forward to making my twins food each week! I get so excited and carried away, that I make several batches and freeze the extra food for future feedings. In fact, I think I have to get an extra freezer for our garage soon to accommodate it all, but let's face it, with twin boys I was probably going to have to do that eventually anyway.

Baby Food Easily Made with Baby Brezza Machine

For parents wishing to make homemade baby food, I honestly can't recommend the Baby Brezza enough. It's great! I only wish I had registered for it before the babies were born. Sure, you can also use a blender or food processor to make baby food, but those devices don't also steam your veggies and fruits, nor can it all be done in one easy-to-use machine. I tried the food processor route, but it left the food too stringy and thick. Baby Brezza also makes a smaller more compact machine for under $100, but the bigger model was recommended to me since I am cooking for two babies at once.

I know some reviews complain of mold, but as long as you clean the parts right away and dry it like all baby supplies it's not a problem . Do NOT put the cup in the dishwasher either, this can cause it to crack.

Oh, and the baby food storage freezer cups are by OXO Tot.

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