Boys 6-month Summer Themed Photos

Last week, the boys turned 6-months-old already. This age is so much fun! They are laughing, playing, babbling and smiling constantly. Logan is eager to get going though as he always seems to be late for a very important date. He will lean forward and direct us on where to take him. Meanwhile, Ben is content to play with things closer to him, he doesn't like to work too hard for it, lol. You can kind of see this in the photos below even.

For their 6m photo I went with some bright fun linen rompers to go with the sunnier weather now. It's getting harder and harder to photograph them both at the same time though. It seems like I'm lucky to get one good shot of either of them and it's not usually in the same photo. So, here's what I got:
Just another day at the beach with my brother!
Oh, hello, when did you get here?
My balloon!
Why don't I just GQ it and lean on my brother like so.

Yawn, I'm ready for my break now!

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  1. eeee they are getting so big! & so precious, love their little outfits.