Happy New Year

As you would expect with 1-month-old twins at home, we had a rather mellow New Year's Eve. We stayed home, opened a bottle of champagne and hung out with the boys. All of us were in bed by 10 p.m. Meanwhile, this time last year we were traveling in Frankfurt for the New Year, lol.

I entertained myself though by dressing the twins in tux-looking onesies, mustache pacifiers and decorating their crib for their monthly photo session. Each month I plan to take a photo of them with a balloon marking how old they are. I plan to then make a photo book at the end of the year chronicling their growth. Originally, I was going to do the standard stickers on their onesies, but that would have required a lot of white onesies and purchasing two sets of stickers. Instead, I thought my balloon idea would be fun. So, here is their 1-month-old photo with a New Year's theme. Month 2 will probably be red for Valentine's Day.

PS: trying to get two newborns to smile for the camera at the same time was extremely difficult.
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