Sassy Spring Colors

What colors are going to be popular this Spring?

Well, according to Pantone's 2013 Fashion Color Report - Dusk Blue, Lemon Zest, Poppy Red, Emerald, Grayed Jade, Nectarine and African Violet ...
Embracing Spring, Diet Pepsi's Love Every Sip campaign is releasing a limited-time-only mini Diet Pepsi can designed exclusively by HGTV star and home designer, Vern Yip. The cute mini can features Pantone’s spring fashion and color report’s dusk blue and an on-trend trellis peacock design. The new cans are available now and will be on shelves through the summer at Target.

Traditionally, spring is a time to freshen things up – so let’s do it! Here's my Sassy Spring LoveList Pinterest board for your closet, home and beauty regime all inspired by the new peacock patterned design and Pantone's colors for spring 2013.

What do you think? Any wants? I already have the Coach sandals, green Jeggings and Lavender Honey Balancing Mist, but I think I'm now going to "spring" for the tea, dress and blouse too.

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