Tiny Love's Super Mat is ideal for Twins

With twins, typically you have to buy two of everything and as you can imagine, that's a lot of expensive baby gear just in the first year! So, when there are items that they both can share or are made for two, we are truly thankful. Thus, thank you to Tiny Love's Super Mat, a developmental playground of fun and discovery.

I had originally registered and received  Tiny Love's Tummy-Time fun frog mat at my baby shower and we were using it every evening for the required tummy time, but silly me, I didn't register for two. At first, my little preemies could both fit on there, but now that they are 3.5 months old, one mat isn't enough to accommodate two infants. We then picked up a used activity gym and would then divide up the babies on their separate mats each night for tummy time. What's the big deal? Well, it's not easy trying to pay attention to both squirming, rolling and crying babies when one mat is on your right and the other is on your left. I also think they like being closer to each other. So, even though we now had two pieces of tummy time equipment, it was becoming burdensome in terms of space and usefulness.

Then, while at Toy Fair NY expo in February, I walked by Tiny Love's booth and discovered the Super Mat! It's an extra-large travel mat for tummy time and play. It's ideal for multiples, play dates and for infants that have older siblings too. I wish I had heard about it sooner as I could have just registered for this and been done. It's not just a blanket though, the different patches include multiple textures for baby to explore, a mirror to attach, a rattle and a hidden squeaky spot to encourage further sensory exploration. Even better, it folds up easily, so we can put it out of the way when we're not using it and it's perfect for travel or going outside even. Oh, and the old mat is now heading up to grandmas, where all their extra stuff lives.

I'd also highly recommend their Tiny Love crib mobiles too, especially the Soothe 'n Groove Mobile. I didn't think mobiles were actually that important, just for decor, so I didn't register for them, but these magical wonders captivate my boys for at least a half-hour in the mornings allowing me to change out of PJs after feeding them. I started with just one and ended up going out and buying one for each crib. They at least grow with baby though, because you can later remove the mobile part and have it be just a crib toy and then a little carry-along boom box.


  1. So cute!

    I have 2 boys that are 8 & 9 and I sometimes wish they were twins.

  2. My new niece is getting so much good stuff from your suggestions!


  3. Awww so adorable. I like the mobile.

    Jennifer Marie

    lilnursejen at yahoo dot com

  4. awww, the boys looking at the mobile is just precious!