We heart MAM Baby pacifiers

First, let me start off by saying that I was not asked to write this post, I just love MAM Baby pacifiers, because my babies love them. That's all I need now-a-days. I also wanted to share this find with any parent who is trying to soothe a crying baby.

I love my little men to pieces and when they cry, it tears me apart. Plus, with two, when they get going it's like having surround sound on. We used pacifiers before, the rubber ones the hospital gave us and even ones that matched the bottles that we use, but they would always fall out and the boys didn't really seem to find relief with them beyond a few seconds before spitting them out.

Then, I happened to try a MAM Baby pacifier that I got as a gift. The second I offered it to my son, he sucked it in like a vacuum. They still let us know when they don't want them, but now they at least found one that they prefer. Better yet, it also meets all the must-haves I was looking for-- BPA free, orthodontic approved and it stays put due to the anti-slip texture. I also like how they fit like a little plug, thus no loop ring or extra plastic covering their nose or hitting their chin. The smaller newborn size fits my preemies well too, where as all the other 0-3 m sizes available from other brands are huge on them even at 2-months-old (holy cow, they are two-months-old already!).

Yet another great feature is the self sterilizing function! The pacifiers come in a storage case (perfect for traveling in your diaper bag) that also acts as a sterilizer. Simply add water to the indicated fill line, place it in the microwave for three minutes and the pacifiers are germ free. No more waiting till you run the dishwasher or boiling them, because "ain't nobody got time for that!"
You could even personalize them with your baby's name or with fun twin sayings like Twin 1 and Twin 2, Buy One & Get One, etc. I was tempted to add my blog name and turn my babies into walking advertisements, except that they don't walk yet and I'm not that vain. In all seriousness though, having their names on the pacifiers and each having their own designated colors (Ben has blue, Logan has green) is super helpful for twins. That way, when we find one left behind in the crib, we know who it belongs to and aren't swapping germs.


  1. It's awesome when you find something that really works for your kids! And especially if it saves your sanity. :)

    On a side note, I have never -- ever -- once sterilized a single pacifier or bottle. Unless you're regularly wiping them on the floor, we've found that it makes almost zero difference to the whole scheme of things! YMMV. :)

  2. My coworker has a 5 month old and all her kids never took to the pacifier. I showed her this one and she's going to look for it at her local CVS. Thanks for the tip!