Prevent Flat Head Syndrome with a Tortle

Now that babies are supposed to sleep on their backs to reduce SIDS, a new problem has developed -- flat head syndrome, which increased 600% in the last twenty years. In fact, one in three healthy babies will develop some degree of flat head syndrome after birth due to spending a lot of time lying on their backs or often being in a position where the head is resting against a flat surface (such as in cribs, strollers, swings and pack n' plays).

All babies are at risk, but it’s even more common with multiple or premature births. Thus, my babies are at high-risk! I've also noticed that they seem to favor their right side too much.

Luckily, it is preventable though and we are aware of it. Dr. Jane Scott, mother and Board-Certified Pediatrician, created a simple, comfortable beanie for babies to wear called the Tortle. It was designed to aid parents in positioning their infants. By switching the Tortle from side to side with each feeding, parents alleviate the flat spots and neck tightness that newborns often develop. It is also a FDA-cleared, Class 1 medical device whose use is as easy as a hat, and whose adoption can help keep babies beautiful—everywhere.
Ben wearing his Tortle
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  1. Oh this would be a great gift for some of my expectant friends!

  2. My sister is due soon and this would be good for the new baby.

  3. Cool product! One of my girls had torticollis (neck tightness common in multiples) that leads to flattening of one side of the head. I took her to physical therapy but probably could have used something like this!