My new bosses

I have two new male bosses and they are very demanding.

Although handsome and silly, they are also unpredictable and fussy.

Everything has to be just so, otherwise, they start to whine, wail or yell at me. Very unprofessional if you ask me. Case in point below:

Sometimes they even refuse to listen to me, putting their hands over their ears. It's downright childish.

The hours are grueling, yet I often find them sleeping on the job.


  1. Very cute! Your boys are lucky to have a funny, loving mommy! :o)

  2. the hands over the ear photo is adorable!

  3. So let me get this straight... YOU do all the work and THEY take all the credit? :)

    But you can't be mad at them... they're too cute!

  4. Ha, I love it...toughest bosses I've had to deal with

  5. Cute. Hope you are getting some rest too!

  6. Tough life surrounded by good looking men. Someone's got to do it.


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