Getting Gorgeous BlogHer12 Party

The event recaps continue. While at BlogHer, I also attended Getting Gorgeous With CVS Beauty.

Downy was at the beauty event introducing Downy Infusions—a premium liquid fabric softener that gives women an unforgettable experience for their clothing that is both luxurious and accessible. I'm already a fan of their Downy Unstopables in wash scent booster pellets, which really freshen up my clothes, so I'm eager to try this new line. 

After chatting with their reps, I had some fun in the Downy Green Screen Photo Booth. In fact, I turned it into a little photo shoot with my baby boys, unbeknown to them. There were a bunch of props and I chose these over-sized glasses, not for me, but for my belly. Here's the fun pics that ensued. The photo operator said my shoot was his favorite of the day, lol. Either way, I enjoyed myself.

I also visited with my Weber Shandwick friends over at the Diet Pepsi area, who were busy interviewing fans about what fun looks like in their lives. The promotion kicked off their "Fun, Fizz, Flair" campaign for Fall, which will be bubbling up at New York Fashion Week to Food Network New York City Wine & Food Festival.

Below is my on-the-spot video interview, where I responded to some impromptu questions and word associations from Pepsi. I wasn't too sure what to say, but it was indeed fun. I don't think the resulting video came out too bad, although I didn't know I could do half of those expressions that I did when talking, lol. What do you think? It also shows some footage of the event itself. 

Special thanks to organizer and blogger pal Vera Sweeney for inviting me once again.


  1. Nice to get a free photo shoot with your boys!:o) You look great!

  2. fun photo shoot and video! :) i wouldn't have been able to answer the last question since i don't drink sodas often... at least not coke or pepsi.