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The popular celeb blogger, Perez Hilton is teaming up with Lean Pockets for their Live Famously Sweepstakes, where a lucky winner will get the opportunity to live famously in the new year, experiencing Hollywood the way that Perez does.  The grand prize winner and a friend will spend the day in and around Los Angeles, and receive a luxury hotel stay, chauffeured car service, a $1,000 shopping spree, a $250 spa experience, and a special concert experience with Perez as your guest.
In honor of the sweeps, I was able to chat with Mr. Perez himself on the phone last week to discuss his famous lifestyle and the celebs that he hobnobs with.
Tara: I actually met you briefly backstage at WWE's Monday Night RAW when you were guest starring. What was that like? 
Perez: "Oh cool.  It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience (laughs), whoever thought that I'd be on WWE wrestling?"

How many years have you been blogging now?
Perez: "It will be eight years in September, it's crazy to think it's been that long. Eight years, oh my god. Time flies. I love my job and I'm so thankful that I get to do something that I love full-time. (Side note: In October it will be 8 years for me too!)

Congratulations! Are you going to do anything special for it?
Perez: "Well it's always around the time I have a VMA party (MTV Video Music Awards), so it's always my VMA/blog anniversary party, but I'll probably have a party just for that on my 10 year anniversary."
Since it's awards season, what is your favorite awards ceremony?
Perez: "My favorite awards ceremony is probably the Golden Globes, just because it's the most fun and the celebrities are the most loose. It's all the good categories with none of the boring ones and the celebrities are drunk and giving crazy acceptance speeches (laughs).

Which famous people that you've met during your career have been your favorite?
Perez: "Oh gosh. In terms of like 'I would love to meet this person one day' I'd have to say Madonna, that was pretty major."

Favorite celebrity interview? Who was the easiest?
Perez: "Gloria Estefan, because she's another person that I've always dreamt of meeting and I was such a huge fan of hers, and I'm still such a huge fan of hers. I started crying when I first met her and she made me feel so comfortable. I've had the privilege and pleasure now to get to spend a lot of time with her and be able to call her a friend."

Now that you’ve met so many celebrities do you still get excited meeting them or are you desensitized?
Perez: "Oh absolutely. I'm still a huge fan. What's funny even though I've been doing this for eight years, let's say a celebrity has only been famous for two or three years, and I've been doing it for so long, I still get excited to see somebody who I think is awesome. I saw Emma Stone at a Taylor Swift concert and I really love Emma Stone, but I was a little bit of a wuss and was afraid to say hi to her."

So you still get nervous about it?
Perez: "Of course. You're like, 'how is this person going to respond?' and all that jazz."

What celebrity were you disappointed with after interviewing them? Someone that didn't live up to expectations?
"Yeah, I'm sure there have been, but I'm trying to focus on the positive these days."

Well, speaking of positive things, I loved [and was jealous] that you got to be in an episode of Dirt with Courteney Cox. What was that like? 
Perez: "I know, that was such a long time ago. I can't believe you know that, or remember that. You're awesome! I didn't do a scene with Courteney, but I did go to a table read where you read the script and she was there and that was a little uncomfortable because at the time in the past, I said some not so nice things about her friend Jennifer Aniston, but thankfully she and I have made peace, Jennifer Aniston and I. It's nice to know that hopefully there are less people who harbor any negative energy towards me."

You used to always hang out at Coffee Bean, what are your new favorite LA spots? 
Perez: "I have not been to that Coffee Bean...(trails off)...I gotta say I appreciate you so much because you've obviously read my site for awhile because you know these things. But I have not been to that Coffee Bean in four years. I don't really drink coffee that much anymore and I have not been going out to eat that much either, because I've been super health conscience since the beginning of the year."

OK last question, I don't want to keep you. Did you know we both were listed in the Top 20 Most Influential People in L.A. list from Now Public? You were #2 and I was #19, but at least I made the list baby ;) I was so excited to be on the same list as you.
Perez: "That's amazing. No, who made the list? Now Public? I'll have to check that out. I'm totally looking it up now." (Link here)

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  1. Nice interview! Nice to see that those who regularly meet celebs still feel the excitement instead of, "oh, that again..."