Wordless Wednesday: Somebody's Watching Me


  1. That is crazy! I kinda dig it. Thanks for sharing. Certainly hoe whoever uses that restroom doesn't have stage fright!

    Happy WW.

  2. Hm. This reminds me of another bathroom picture I saw recently where the sinks were made to look like the lower halves of women.

    I tend to agree with Cheryl on this one!

  3. Hmmm. That is quite an odd artwork to have in a restroom. And with the mirrors it's a bit surreal.

  4. I agree with all of the above! I snapped this photo with my phone after doing a double take when I went to pee at the former Blush nightclub at the Wynn casino in Las Vegas and saw these ken dolls looking at me.

    Speaking of stage fright the bano stalls at the Moon nightclub at the top of The Palms casino is all windows, so you're looking right out at the strip, but they can't see in. Weird.

  5. Very cool, now who would think to frame a bunch of Ken dolls for a bathroom art feature, fun!

  6. I like your comments about the other bathrooms (windows).

    I once went to a club in Houston where you can see the girl using the stall next to you. They have the loos facing each other. It's SO awkward.


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