Farewell Regis

It's an end of an era. Live with Regis has been on my whole life. I remember waking up at my Nanny's house and watching the show with her in the morning. She faithfully would watch every morning. At first, I used to tease her for liking it and would say I was bored and ask if we could change the channel, but it was all for show, because I genuinely liked it.

I didn't start watching it on my own until Kelly became the co-host though and the last few years I'd DVR it and watch the opening chat at night and the interviews depending on the guest. Countless times I'd drag Raphael in to rewind a funny clip that I'd want him to watch of Regis or Kelly. I'm soo going to miss them. I've been depressed today knowing it's the final show and have literally teared up, because yes, I'm going to miss it, but also the show was like having a connection to my Nanny still. Sad.

Take a look at this clip montage:

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