Goodbye Karaoke

Nothing like singing your goodbyes away with a farewell Karaoke party with friends from work.

My coworkers kindly decorated a private karaoke room in Koreatown with Disney balloons representing the different accounts that I work on. Add in some bottle service, crazy Korean eats, boas and some good tunes to bad music videos and you got yourself a fun night.

I kicked off the party by singing New York, New York. Apropos, no? I should of done New York State of Mind though as I definitely couldn't belt out Frank's song well. Hopefully the leg kicking made up for it.

The song that has stayed with me the last few days though was the Thong Song. Ahh I still can't get it out, but it was silly to all sing to though.

We of course ended the night with Don't Stop Believing. This one I really got into:

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  1. Wow! I can't belies you're leaving! I'm sure it will be a great move for you both but it's always sad to lose an LA blogger. :(

    Have a safe move back and I can't wait to read all your adventures from the other coast. :)