Wash the color right outta my hair

I had blond hair growing up, but come high school it started getting mousier and darker. I started highlighting and coloring it when I was a teenager. I've sometimes done it myself or gotten it done professionally. However, lately I've been going to a cheaper place and the condition of my hair has suffered. The color looked alright, but my hair itself was now damaged.

Thus, when I heard about master colorist Kazumi Morton at the Neil George Salon in Beverly Hills, I booked an appointment to a get fabulous hair color makeover. She specializes in coloring only, no hair cutting. She says its the difference between an interior designer and an architect. This also allows her to focus more than other stylists would who are trying to do all things. Kazumi also has an impressive roster of celebrity clients, who unfortunately have to remain anon.

After just seeing me in the waiting area she said she knew right away what she wanted to do to my hair. I decided to just leave my hair in her hands and just go with it. Not that I wasn't nervous about the possible change, but knew I was with a pro at least.

Several hours later (I'm not kidding) she did a color correction, which gave my color a more softer and more natural dirty blond look. This will also make it easier to maintain as I won't need highlights again for a few months she said. She also didn't over process my hair or keep the stinging dye on for long like the places I used to go to did. Instead, she did several applications and washes, but for only a few minutes each time. It was the first time my scalp didn't hurt after either.

Before (over processed, stripey with brassy colors)

After (more natural, but the lighting doesn't do it enough justice)

Although getting your hair done right is expensive, base is $125 and up and highlight is $175. Yet, we'll pay that much for shoes, which you only wear a few times a season, but you wear your hair every day. Your hair color can also make you look younger and more energized if done right says Kazumi. Thus, no more slumming it for me.

Neil George Salon 9320 Civic Center Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210-3604 (310) 275-2808


  1. Your title reminds me of the "Pavilion for washing away thoughts" or whatever that we saw at the Hunington Gardens!

  2. Your hair looks gorgeous. I think you made a very good investment.