Angels Flight in Downtown Los Angeles

One of the fun historical attractions near my apartment building in downtown Los Angeles is Angels Flight, the world's shortest railway (298 feet)! Built in 1901, for only 25 cents each way you can ride up the hill in the cart instead of taking the stairs. At the top of the hill is the Walt Disney Concert Hall, MOCA and restaurants. As short as it is, Angels Flight is an essential Los Angeles experience. So, after living here for just over a year now, I finally paid a quarter and rode up the quick track. During those two minutes I really felt transported to the early 21st long as I didn't look out at the skyscrapers.

However, movie buffs, should also walk up the hill so they can see the famous bench from the film 500 Days of Summer located in the adjacent Angels Knoll park.

Have you been? Is it on your L.A. to-do list?


  1. Obviously I'm not in LA, but I did see them use this location on an episode of The Bold and the Beautiful about a year ago and had wondered more about it. Looks like a fun experience and for 25 cents, definitely a must-do if you are in LA I'd say!

  2. Like your shirt