Zip Lining in Costa Rica

While visiting Costa Rica, I went zip lining in the rainforest on "The Original Canopy Tour," where the first ever zipline activity was created, thus the name.

Here I am being Tarzan, can you spot me?

It was a lot of fun gliding through the trees, but since I was lighter than the men in the group, I kept twirling around on the line while zipping and I'd sometimes come in backwards to each platform. It was bit scary, as the occasional palm would hit me. My real fear though was hitting one of the many termite hives that were in the trees, like this scary looking one:

The tiny platforms that wrapped around the trees were far from roomy and I'm not afraid of heights, but the one below was really high and had me a little dizzy when I looked down over a little stream.

We also heard Monkey's calling in the distance, but never saw any :( I did spot one of the area's popular beautiful blue butterflies though.


  1. this looks both terrifying and amazing, nicely done.

  2. My first zip lining adventure was in Costa Rica too! It's an amazing experience isn't it?

  3. i went zip lining the first time in riviera maya and it was a blast.

  4. Very cool and it looks like a lot of fun.

  5. go tarazan!

    Anne Webb

  6. I love it! Can't wait for the conference too,