Mas Malo in Downtown LA es mas bueno

Mas Malo, which has only been open 10 days, is conveniently located just three blocks away from my building and I predict I'll be going there a lot.

The original Malo Restaurant is already a popular Mexican kitchen in Silver Lake, but their new location is larger yet still serves up the same yummy Mexican comfort food with a twist.

Last night, I dined in the busy restaurant and ordered their most popular dishes - Carnitas marinated with Orange Juice and Cola (you can taste the citrus, but not the soda though), and an order of their shrimp and bacon hard shelled tacos and beef tacos with pickles, which were slightly spicy and both sweet and salty. All of our dishes were yummy, greasy and tasty.

For drinks, I hope you like Tequila, because they have over 150 kinds and it's the main ingredient in all of their specialty cocktails, but there is also a full bar available. We ordered the Angelina (Gran Centenario Rosangel Tequila, Hibiscus) and a Kahlua and horchata drink - both were quite strong, but flavorful.

Pros: The food & atmosphere, quick service and our Danish waiter Tobias.

Cons: Uncomfortable arm rests on the seats (I know this sounds nit-picky, but I kept hitting my funny bone on them and so did Raphael) and if your table is near the front, you're likely to smell cigarette smoke wafting in each time people walk in and out.

Tips: Make a reservation or eat at the bar if you'd rather not wait for a table. Also, do check out their two hidden bars open on the weekends or Seven Grand upstairs for some Whiskey.

Mas Malo
515 W 7th St
Los Angeles, CA 90014

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  1. Looks YUMMY!

    Now I'm thinking I might have to get off the couch today after all, just to get some Mexican food.