This is How Bijan Rolls

Rolls Royce that is. World-renowned menswear and fragrance designer Bijan Pakzad (better known as just Bijan, like just Cher or just Jack) announced the launch of a new collaboration with Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. They celebrated their teaming up at an ultra-exclusive event amongst a who’s who and I at Bijan’s Rodeo Drive Boutique in Beverly Hills. The party took place just in time for the opening of the Los Angeles Auto Show from today to Nov. 28 in downtown LA.

Bijan, a Rolls-Royce owner for many years, designed the limited edition line of cars that are set to be delivered in Spring 2011. Only 30 cars, which they call "drivable art," will be made in total. Along the same theme as Bijan’s store, which is by appointment only and is regarded as the most expensive store in the world, the highly bespoked Rolls-Royce models with Bijan’s design are only available to some of the world’s most powerful people in the world. It’s understandable, as the Bijan Edition is available for $1 million - not your run-of-the-mill purchase.

Even though there will only be a few of them, they should be easy enough to spot as they are bright "Bijan yellow," with yellow leather interior. Bijan says his favorite color is yellow because, well, he just likes yellow and that he chose yellow because it is unique and classy. A mega-rich, powerful friend from Mexico recently requested one from Bijan for himself and his wife. Bijan said he could have one, but not two, “only one per country,” he said. Maybe next time.


  1. So when are you getting yours, Tara? :) Maybe an early Christmas present for next year, eh?