Launching the TRON Pop-Up Shop

The second event that I was busy working on last week--besides the Minne Muse launch at Forever 21--was opening the TRON Pop-Up Shop at Royal/T in Culver City. The six week-long retail destination offers one-of-a-kind, limited-edition TRON merchandise in a really tricked out, futuristic TRON space. Everything from toys and t-shirts to $795 high heeled couture shoe (here).

We launched with a private evening party at the store with some of the cast from the upcoming film, TRON: Legacy and it's filmmakers joined by other celebrities and Disney executives. A bunch of fans were gathered outside too with posters and signs. It was a cold night and they were out there the entire time, I couldn't believe it.

Below is a photo from the white carpet that I was managing of the beautiful actress Olivia Wilde who plays Quorra in TRON: Legacy and also stars in House.

I was especially excited to see actor James Frain as well since I'm a fan of this brooding British actor from The Tudors, True Blood and the film Where the Heart Is.

For a more inside look, here is my colleague's flipcam footage from the night:

Also, here is a photo of my colleagues and I on the white carpet too :)

If you live in the area, the shop will be open from now until Dec. 23, so do stop by and see it for yourself!

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