CSI: NY in Downtown LA

On Friday evening in downtown Los Angeles the weather was still a balmy 68 degrees out, yet there was snow on the ground.

I of course did a double take while walking to happy hour that night. As I tried to clear my eyes I became even more confused when I saw festive holiday lights strung on the trees throughout 6th Street. The store windows had holiday scenes in them too and for a second I had to think, what month is this? I then noticed the camera equipment, trailers and yellow taxicabs with New York plates parked along the street. Apparently, they were filming a holiday episode of CSI: NY and thus, snow in L.A. a la Hollywood style.

See the shots that I took from my mobile. What do you think? Does it look like DTLA or NYC?

Although, having lived in Manhattan, I've never seen such a fancy nut cart before, usually they are sold in big metal things not cute vintage wooden carts like that.


  1. I was walking downtown when they were filming also- it was hilarious!
    it's things like this that make LA such a fun and magical city.

  2. how funny - i was having lunch with my friend lisa today who is guest starring on that episode!

  3. It's weird seeing sets like that in LA all the time. Last month, I saw Chicago cop cars everywhere and thought I was dreaming.

  4. oooh i love that show and i love how despite the locations, all of the csi:'s film here, haha.