Addicted to a humidifier

I never thought about owning a humidifier, never mind blogging about it, but here I go. Whether it's because of allergies, the desert climate, traveling so often on planes, a dry apartment or haven had a broken nose, I've been congested and having trouble breathing at night. Back when I was at The Housewares show in Chicago though, I mentioned seeing a lot of cool mist humidifiers on display and after talking with the folks at Crane, I decided to start using one regularly and It's done wonders for me! I'm now addicted to my humidifier and look forward to breathing in it's clean fumes.

Since I was going to get a humidifier, I figured I might as well make it a fun looking one and not like the giant boxes that I grew up with, so I selected Crane's Pink Ribbon tear drop shaped humidifier ($35, Amazon) for my bedroom. It features the Pink Ribbon since partial proceeds go towards the fight of breast cancer too. I found that it's really easy to fill up the tank and clean it. It also has a dial where you can select the different speed and intensity of the mist. I'm really loving how it starts blowing out air as soon as I turn it on, and the minute I breathe into the steam, my congestion clears. I've been using it almost every night when I go to bed. It's also energy efficient, as it uses less energy than a regular household light bulb.
Benefits of a humidifier:
  • Reduces headaches, discomfort, tiredness and sickness associated with dry air
  • Due to the outbreak of swine flu more doctors are recommending cool mist humidifiers again because they are a more natural remedy for colds than overusing medicines.
  • Can help you recover sooner from a cold
  • Reduces levels of dust
  • Helps you sleep better
  • Reduces chapped lips, dry, red eyes and itchy skin - as much as 60% of the human body is composed of water. When the air around you is dry it will draw moisture from any available source, including human cells, membranes and even your skin and lips
The one I had at home wasn't enough though as I've now taken to traveling with the Air-O-Swiss travel ultrasonic humidifier ($49.95, Amazon) for "healthy air anywhere," which I received free for review. If you're picturing me lugging around some big machine, it's not as cumbersome as you'd think, but is really meant for traveling since it is lightweight and comes in a tiny travel bag. It also utilizes empty water bottles as the detachable water tank, thus a good chance to reuse those bottle that you end up drinking when traveling anyway. One water bottle usually lasts through the night if not longer and it automatically shuts off and the light turns red when empty. I simply put it on the nightstand near my bed, fill a water bottle from the sink and it quickly spews out cool mist into the room as soon as I plug it in. Maybe it's the air condition or heating vents in the rooms, but I'm always stuffy in hotels, so this has been a great solution. The photo above was taken in my room on my recent trip to Vancouver.


  1. That portable humidifier is awesome! I've been debating about getting one too because my allergies have been so bad this season and my sky is dryyyy.

  2. Ok, I'm sold. I totally want one. Or two.

  3. Love it! I'm having problems breathing at night too.


  4. I use a humidifier for my kids when they're sick.....this looks awesome!

    Good to see you the other night.....

  5. The cool mist machines came to the market in response to a problem, burns. If you're careful about avoiding scalds, there's little to choose between them. The modern humidifier are easily moved to one place another place, its have highly features, try this once.

  6. I really want a new one as my humidifier is damaged by a relative. also help me find simple mandala designs.