Wii Fit Plus Party

Thanks to Marsha at Sweatpantsmom, I was invited to her Wii Fit Plus Party and demo. We were told to come in our yoga gear for a Wii workout and mingle.

Although I own a Wii console, I had never played the original Wii Fit never mind the Wii Fit Plus, so I was really eager to try it out, especially since I'll use any excuse not to go to a real gym!

At the party, I quickly partnered up with LAist's Julie Wolfson who already played the game, so she was coaching me and of course beating me at all the competitive challenges, lol. We did some yoga stretches to improve posture, which were fun and made me miss when I had belonged to a yoga studio in NYC. The most fun part though was the activity games that incorporated the sensor balance board, which included a ski jump, hula hoop, kung fu and some other wacky games. No matter what activity you play or physical routine you select, the game counts the calories you've burned and calculates your BMI and daily progress, thus motivating you to continue. I was also surprised to find that the board also doubles as a scale--yikes!

Another cool feature is that the Wii Fit Plus allows you to add a pet as a family member, so that you can create a profile for them and even weigh them too. So, when I went home with the Wii Fit Plus parting gift that I received (yay!) I quickly held my poor Patches on the board to see her weight and received a scratch from her in the process, lol. She's 9.5 pounds, so not bad. Now, I'm going to have Raphael try it out and create a profile too, but hopefully he'll be more accommodating than Patches.


  1. no way patches in 9.5 lbs. probably 4 lbs that little thing.

  2. That was loads of fun- we've got to try that Kung Fu game again! :)

  3. What a fun event! We have Wii Fit, but I have been curious about the plus version. Sounds great.

  4. Fine, you've convinced me... I have been toying with the idea of buying Wii (Fit) for months. Besides, something has to balance out Toblerone an Espresso for breakfast in the mornings...