A Hello Kitty Halloween

For Halloween, while my husband practiced learning the steps to Thriller with his friends to re-enact at the WeHo Festival, my girlfriend and I headed to the Hello Kitty Halloween Party at Royal-T Cafe in Culver City. Although I'm a fan of the festival and Michael too, I didn't have time to practice the routine due to my recent travel. Plus, I already recieved a free Seven 'Til Midnight Snow White costume at The Silver Spoons Emmy party, but as one of our friends pointed out it looked more Ho-White than Snow White, lol. Luckily, my friend Karen went as Belle so we had our own little Disney Princess theme going on.

At the Hello Kitty Halloween Party, 30 years of memorabilia and new inspired artwork were on display and will be up until mid November. There were also some special Halloween touches including a Hello Kitty Pumpkin Patch:
Here are some of my favorite Hello Kitty infused artwork from the JapanLA exhibit:

Also, here is a portrait of Lady Gaga glamming it up Sanrio style: