RedPlum’s Cheap and Chic Gifts Under $30

In honor of Black Friday, here are some holiday gifts under $30 that were recommended at a RedPlum “My Frugalicious Holiday” event that I attended at SLS in Beverly Hills last week. They had over 30 editor's favorites on display, but these were my favorites:

Personalized Pacifiers $4.99
“mute button” pacifierWHY WE LIKE IT: The “mute button” pacifier is too funny, and great for new moms and dads, or those who have just added to their brood.
HOW TO USE IT: Put in baby’s mouth to stop crying.
They also allow you to put your own message on the pacifier too.

a timer for anything
WHY WE LIKE IT: Lets you quickly mark how long it’s been since…anything! When you made the soup in that Tupperware, when hubby left the socks on the floor.
HOW TO USE IT: Stick or strap it on (depending on the model) and hit start and it will count off the days.

write-on polish sticksWHY WE LIKE IT: These time-saving tubes of polish are perfect for your best friend who needs to be able to touch up her manicure at her desk, or a teen who is just learning to polish her nails.
HOW TO USE IT: Push the tube a couple times, like you would click a pen. Then just paint and go!

design-your-own necklaceWHY WE LIKE IT: For one super-reasonable price, you can let anyone on your list design their own necklace.
HOW TO USE IT: The giftee can choose from cord, leather or stainless steel and the pendant options.

OLIVE WREATH $17.50 - $30
WHY WE LIKE IT: First, the incredible smell. Second, because it’ll last long past the holidays.
HOW TO USE IT: Hang it on the front door or any interior door, or use as a centerpiece with a candle inside (inside a glass holder, of course!). Let it dry while hanging and you can enjoy all year.