Pizza place wanted

Since moving to our condo two years ago, the neighborhood has slowly gentrified and I'm all for it. The one exception being this random store at the end of my street "Cameron Supplies" with its 1950s sign. The weird thing is that I never once saw it open or people inside it or even anyone going in or out...for two years. It was weird. I wondered how it was staying in business or if it was simply a front for something else. Anyway, after two years of bitching and speculating, all of a sudden they had cleaned out. Now, I've been thinking of all the great things I'd love to see go in its place.

Here's my shortlist for the new tenant:
  • Pizza place
  • Fro-yo shop, preferably Pinkberry
  • Used book store
  • Tea shop
  • Dry Cleaners
  • Jamba Juice
Raphael's want list:
  • Deli
  • Ice Cream Shop

What I wouldn't want to go there:

  • Real Estate Agent (boring)
  • Bar
What would be your vote and what would be your veto?


  1. i vote on a pizza place, i mean you can't go wrong with pizza.

  2. Tea/coffee house would be cool. Dare you dream of Starbucks, with wifi so you can spend hours there?

    On the "don't" list, you probably want to add sex shop...

  3. My answer is... move back to NYC. I have all of those things either on my block or within a 5 block radius on the UWS ;-)

    (except Jamba Juice, but there is a juice bar)