Tara's Got a Brand New Bag

Take a look at my latest purchase! Actually, I'm thinking of it as an extremely early birthday (Dec. 9) and Christmas gift for myself. I've been wanting a new purse, so I headed to Coach since I'm loving their new big interlocking C designs from their Madison collection and purchased the OP ART CHAINLINK MAGGIE ($298).

Besides being chic and loving the colors (purple magenta, silver, black and a bluish gray), it's super light due to the microfiber fabric. I almost bought one of the similar solid colored leather bags, but they were more money and heavier and that was without my many accessories that usually bog down my arm. There are also three section dividers and a lot of pockets, which will hopefully make finding the afformentioned gadgets and crap in my bag easier to locate. The purse's handles though are from glazed cowhide trim, which again isn't as heavy as their traditonal leather straps either. Lastly, the inside lining is so purpley bright and colorful that it makes me happy just seeing the hidden splash of color.

I didn't stop there though, after all if you give a mouse a cookie...or rather a new bag, she's going to want some milk, I mean, a matching wallet :) But come on, it's so tiny and cute! It barely holds all my cards, but it helped me streamline a bit.

All week I've been wearing clothes that have the above colors so I can match and show off my bag, lol.


  1. Super cute! I love the hints of purple, very VERY nice!

  2. Totally loving the bag and the design of it. So cute! I've steered clear from Coach because - well everyone seems to be carrying one...but I may have to venture in real soon. :)

  3. That bag is super cute! I'm jealous :)

  4. Love the colors! My new bag is the same shade of purple :)

  5. Nice! Can't wait to meet her. It'd go well with your grey boots.


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