Angie Harmon Says Got Chocolate Milk?

Tonight, I attended a fun Spooktacular got chocolate milk? event on the Paramount Studios lot in Hollywood.

The studio’s mock New York street was decorated for Halloween and Fall (my favorite season) and as if to comply with the theme, the skies were overcast with scattered showers. It hasn’t rained out here since June. Despite the change in weather though, kids were dressed in cute costume and trick-or-treating by knocking on the hallow fa├žade homes that have probably been seen in hundreds of films over the years. Also, in plastic cauldron’s several different brands of lowfat chocolate milk were available, which I couldn’t resist. Luckily, at the event, Dr. Tanya Remer Altmann told the audience of bloggers, mothers and media that like white milk, chocolate milk contains the same 9 essential nutrients and are a key component in building strong bones during childhood and adults can benefit from the calcium and vitamin D in chocolate milk too.

Also on hand was Law & Order actress, mom and model Angie Harmon who unveiled her very own got milk? Milk Mustache ad, which features her three beautiful daughters who were also there with their dad. Angie explained how excited she was to be in the ad, especially with her family and because famed photographer Annie Liebowitz shot it. Her ad debuts in People Magazine on Oct. 16, but you can see it in the background of the below photo. As expected, Angie Harmon was just as beautiful and skinny in person, she also seemed pretty down to earth even cracking jokes at her own expense.

On their site there is a contest where you can win Angie's designer VIP celebrity bag and you can also make your own mustache ad (sans Annie Leibowitz) at

I could only stay for 45 minutes though since I had to run to catch a flight again, but I did quickly get to say hello to bloggers Elizabeth and Los Angelista.

Note: My firm’s Chicago office represents the National Milk Mustache “got milk?” campaign, but I'm not on the account and I was not asked to blog about the event, etc., I just attended as a an invited blogger and guest.


  1. You get to do the coolest things! My dad, a certified Law and Order nut, would be so jealous that you got to meet Angie Harmon. Of course, he probably doesn't know what her real name is, so I'll have to find out which character she is on the show to tell him about it. :)

  2. We must have just missed each other! I got there around 3. (I proceeded to eat every dessert in sight.) It was a really great event, and fun to be on the Paramount lot.

  3. Sweatpantsmom - actually as I was leaving I saw you pull in, but I didn't want to honk and scare you, lol.