Fiddler on the Roof comes to L.A.

Last week after work, I headed to The Pantages Theater to see the classic musical Fiddler on the Roof with the original Tevye (the dad), Topol, who once again performed the role that made him legendary in the '71 film. However, this is his "farewell" tour and the last time he'll be playing the role. His performance and the show was amazing. Much better than my camp's portrayal and me in the role as the mean Russian soldier.

I had forgotten how many great songs are from the heartwarming score-- “Tradition,” “Matchmaker, Matchmaker,” “If I Were A Rich Man” and “Sunrise, Sunset.” The audience kept clapping along with the music, which made the performance even more electric and fun. I've also been humming the different diddies for the last several days.

For those not familiar with the film or show, it's set in pre-revolutionary Russia and focuses on a poor Jewish peasant who must contend with marrying off his three daughters while new ideas and antisemitic sentiment threatens his home and traditions.

My only complaint was that it's run time was a lot longer than the typical musical now-a-days especially for a weeknight performance, but it was worth getting home late to see it though. I'd also recommend hitting the bathrooms before it starts ;) Fiddler on the Roof is in Los Angeles only til Sunday, Aug. 9, so go see it while you can!

LA Times: It's tradition: Topol is Tevye

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    Fiddler is one of my favorite movies....I know all the songs by heart!