6 Man

No, this post is not about six guys, sorry. It's about last weekend's annual 6-Man volleyball tournament in Manhattan Beach, CA.

My girlfriends who competed last year (previous post) were once again playing, this time dressed as race cars. Don't worry, this is normal. None of the teams play in regular sports clothes, but have some sort of Halloween-like costume and theme. I'm always a fan of the guys playing as nuns or old ladies personally, but there were other teams of female bubble bees, superheroes and more. Like at Halloween, the girls typically dress sluty and the guys dress funny.

The best part is that my friend Sarah put my blog logo on her cardboard race car (they remove the car portion after they race on to the court in their cars then they played in their pink race team looking uniforms) along with the message "My Friend Tara is Blogging This." Too true, she knows me well.

Another fun thing about 6-Man is the tailgating that happens on the crowded beach. Each team (courtesey of their sponsor) gets their own tent and their fans hang out inside it (me) in between games and lots of semi-undercover drinking goes on. Look at this random dude who fell on the team's cars:


  1. Looks like a better way to spend the day than in a cube! :) Ah, the sun and the beach. Too little around here, that's for darn sure.

  2. haha my cousin played this year and said it was ridiculous. next year i am definitely going, it looks like too much fun!

  3. this just reminds me I so pale! I need to see the sun!

  4. Here I thought you had taken that classic college drinking game "3-man" and doubled the fun ;)

  5. That looks freaking hilarious. Wouldn't it be annoying to play beach volleyball in socks though?
    It's winter here, which means it's chilly at night but still between 8 and 20 most days - oops, fahrenheit for you would be... 46 to 68 degrees. Still, not beach weather. Oh well. I will live vicariously through you!