Pinkberry's new summer flavors

Today Pinkberry launches their new summer flavors--coconut and passion fruit and you can also get them swirled together for a tropical mix. In honor of the announcement, all Pinkberry locations from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. today will be giving away a FREE small cup of either of their new flavors (more here).

Yesterday though, I got an exclusive “sneak tasting” of their new offerings. I thought the coconut was subtle and tasted and looked a lot like the original, until I swallowed and then I could taste the coconut more. The very pale yellow colored passion fruit flavor though was my favorite. It's nice and refreshing and unlike their other flavors. Perfect for summer, like a tart and satisfying lemonade. The swirl was nice too, but the passion fruit overpowered the coconut when swirled together like that. For toppings, I chose mango (super fresh, I’m not normally a mango fan either), pineapple and my favorite—mochi. These summer flavors along with their pomegranate one will be available through the summer, temporarily replacing their green tea flavor, so get it while you can.

Pinkberry also launched their new Pinkberry Fruit Parfait, which I also tried. I can so see having it for lunch sometime because it was very filling and fresh. Basically, it's layers of fruit, granola, a little Pinkberry yogurt with a topping of Pinkberry at the top (you can select the flavor of yogurt and specify the fruit too). Apparently, they are hoping people will start ordering it for breakfast—move over Jamba Juice.

Other special summer options include the Bing Cherry topping, at first I thought it would be a hassle because of the pits, so I was really surprised to find out that they remove the pits, thus pitiless Bing cherries.

Here I am in all my Pinkberry glory, trying all of the above: