Ed McMahon's Hollywood star desecrated

While walking on Hollywood Blvd yesterday evening, I was shocked to see that tar and newspapers were spread over the recently deceased Ed McMahon's Hollywood star.

Here are the iPhone shots that I took:

This isn't the first Hollywood star in ruin that I've seen though, He really doesn't get any respect.

Update: LAist says it has now been cleaned up. Glad to hear that.


  1. This really breaks my heart. Can today get anymore sad? I really hope not.

  2. Why would someone do that? I don't know much about McMahon... but I don't know what he could've done to deserve that!

  3. Truly weird, wonder if it was a creditor since he owed a ton of money. Sad

  4. wow, that is ridiculous. what a sad sad week.

  5. very upseting to see something like that. :/ at least they cleaned it up!


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