Lucha Va Voom!

Yesterday, I spent Cinco De Mayo (The Battle of Puebla) at The Mayan theater in downtown for Lucha Va Voom!

Lucha Va Voom is part comedy show, part wrestling, part striptease and part I don't even know. It's a spectacle and way more than what I was expecting. The line to get inside was around the corner and onto the street, even for those holding tickets. Once inside the old movie palace, which was made to look like you're in an ancient Mayan pyramid, it looked like a piƱata had exploded everywhere, it was so colorful. Seats are first come first served, but we managed to grab a bench up on the balcony overlooking the ring for the Luchadores--authentic masked Mexican wrestlers. We sipped some margaritas and ate some of the best tamales I've ever had while waiting for the show to start.

First, a funny film was played to explain what we were about to see and went over the rules of Lucha Va Voom. Then the entertainment kicked off with two comedian hosts, Blaine Capatch and Tom Kenny (the voice of Sponge Bob Square Pants), who provided funny commentary throughout the show. Then a couple of dancers that got the crowd roaring and finally four leotard-fitted luchador characters came out to fight. It was like the movie Nacho Libre but sillier believe it or not. There was one fighting team dressed as chickens, a big man looking dressed as a woman, a peacock headress guy and many other unique get ups. It was more The Three Stooges than wrestling though, but it was funny thanks to the comedian commentary and the enthusiastic crowd. The energy inside was actually amazing, I felt like I was at a Mexican Moulin Rouge. Every time the announcer would yell into the mike "Lucha" the whole theater would yell back "Va Voom!" It was definitely a fun experience. My favorite joke of the night was when the announcer said that the Mexican wrestlers had come straight from Mexico City, so we were all exposed to the Swine Flue now and would have to stay in The Mayan for two weeks.

The next Lucha Va Voom show is on June 24th and 25th, tickets are between $30-$50. Here's the video that I took:


  1. lol - I love it. My favorite line was "Welcome to Los Angeles. Now you know why the Bible Belt hates us," as midgets wrestled a drag queen luchadore.

  2. Secret Mexican History: Battle of Puebla was ultimately won via a covert attack of masked wrestlers on the French forces. So now you know why rasslin' is so popular in Mexico :)

  3. How strange and yet fun at the same time. Certainly the most unique CdM celebration I've ever seen! :)