Early detection

Noreen Fraser, one of the great ladies behind Stand Up To Cancer, has launched her own foundation website focusing on womens cancers and encouraging women to get a mammogram and pap smear test. Early detection is key after all.

On her site (noreenfraserfoundation.org or MenForWomenNow.com) you can send a free Mother's Day e-card video from celebs like Jack Black, Jason Segel, Neil Patrick Harris (who I'll be interviewing on Thursday!), Gavin DeGraw and Ryan Secreast. Hope you send them to the woman you love.

Meanwhile, on May 13, my doctor has to take some bioposies on my cervix again. Fingers crossed that another operation isn't required. It's been two years and thought I was done with all this shit. Either way, she said they are pre-cancerous, thus the importance of me going regularly for my tests and why I'm with Noreen on encouraging others to do the same.


  1. Neat site...I encourage all that because goodness knows it's all very preventable if you just KNOW ahead of time.

    Sorry to hear you're having problems with that...I've friends that keep popping up pre-cancerous every time they get something done, or have things burned off, etc. Nasty, nasty, painful, PITA. I hope everything goes well for you and it ends up being nothing.

  2. I second the importance of women getting tested, and regularly! I, too, have had problems with pre-cancerous spots on my cervix so I am very diligent with getting checked annually.

  3. Keep us posted on the Dr. Appt. I can't wait to see your interview with Neil Patrick Harris. Eddy and I were dying over the "Jesus invented the 3 days of waiting".

  4. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. I hope all goes well and that you don't have to have any more surgery!