Got Milk? Got lovely hair and nails?

Toma Leche, or Got Milk? in America, held a fun blog event last week at Hollywood's Estilo Salon. On hand was Robert Ramos, a celebrity stylist for stars like Jessica Alba and Eva Mendes. He told the crowd that you don't have to spend a lot of money to have beautiful, healthy, shiny hair, but maintaining a healthy diet, like drinking milk, is key to having A-list locks and healthy nails. Our hair is over 90% pure protein and apparently, milk is a great source of this strength-building nutrient--just a cup of low-fat milk packs 10g of protein. Robert also gave quick consultations with each blogger on what they are doing right or wrong with their hair.

During my one-on-one consultation with the very nice Ramos, he told me that he really liked my color and how healthy my hair was. He also approved the layered cut and even encouraged me to add more and to have more fun with my hair. He then spritzed some of his volumizer, which smelled like candy, into my hair and messed it up a bit and moved my part to the side. He agreed that my hair had a mind of its own to part straight down the middle and he said that he encourages his clients to go with what the hair wants and then work from there. He went on to say, "If I'm reading you right, you're a bit edgy, so I wanted to style your hair that way too."

I asked him who his favorite celebrity client was and he said Jessica Alba, because she's adventurous and always likes to do something different with her hair. I was so inspired I purchased his volumizer, lol.

The event also had manicurists to paint our nails (yes, it's good to be a blogger!). Unlike Jessica Alba, I wasn't adventurist and went with a clear pink coat, since I always smudge and ruin my coat as soon as I they put color on my nails. I talk with my hands too much and am always in a rush I guess. My friend Karen got a pretty coral color that several bloggers than requested after seeing hers.

Also at the event was the bakery MILK (fitting, no?) with yummy cookies, brownies, macarons and red velvet cupcakes. Yes, cupcakes just seem to follow me ;) I'm not complaining.


  1. aprilshowers@aol.comMay 18, 2009 at 5:04 PM

    I love milk and my hair is super healthy. I always thought is was because my mom used to pull my hair.


  2. I'm so behind on my blogging I *still* haven't written this post up.

    Thankfully (I think) I'll be teaching the first class (8:00am) next semester so that means my, catching up on my missing hours of sleep, post-teaching nap will be over sooner and I'll have more time in the day to function and Or so I tell myself.

    Until, I'm just looking forward to summer break!