Meeting Ultimate Fighter Urijah Faber

Today, I headed to Sacramento, Calif. just for the day (90 min flight each way) to help produce an online video for No Fear Energy TV with Ultimate Fighting Champion and mixed martial arts fighter Urijah Faber, The California Kid.

What do I know about Ultimate Fighting? Nothing. The first time I even heard about it was on that episode of Friends when Monica's boyfriend played by Jon Faverau gave up his millions to become an ultimate fighting champion. I soon found out though that Urijah is really popular and kind of hot.

At his gym, I watched many other fighters training, grappling and I couldn't help but keep humming Eye of the Tiger in my head as we received an exclusive tour of the gym Faber built with his dad. We also spoke with up and coming new fighters and learned that many of them have wrestling backgrounds and practice jui jitsu. I also got to climb up into the ring for a bit, which was pretty cool. The staff writer at, John Morgan and our cameraman kept teasing me though for continually saying "game" instead of "match" or "fight." My bad. Luckily, John was the one on camera this time as he knows what he's talking about at least.

Below is the resulting video. You can actually see me in the background at minute 2:41-52 :)


  1. never know when you see those shows on TV if they're real, the guys really work out or if they just kinda go through the motions or what, but they're clearly throwing some sweat around! I'll bet Raphael is that much more scared of you now -- you have the guns now to beat him up! :)

  2. I still have a case of those in my fridge. I will pound a few and review my experience on the site.

    The fact that I'm kinda interested in UFC reminds me that I'm a straight man, no matter how many episodes of The Hills I sit through.

  3. Having practiced martial arts off and on for years, it's amazing what these guys do. They really are incredible athletes...and have no fear. Kind of crazy/ post.

  4. The contest winner said he was from Laconia, NH---about an hour from my hometown. Awesome!

  5. haha what a cool experience. random, but cool nonetheless.